Rhodochrosite Beads  *  菱锰矿手链

Rhodochrosite Beads * 菱锰矿手链

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A classic example of sphere polished Rhodochrosite stalactite. Very few of this quality are seen in beads these days and  even fewer are this red and exhibit this much of clarity. I've looked around at what's available of it and is not impressive. These are definitely a hard to find item, specially the colour and bending, which without doubt indicating it is from Capillitas Mine, Andalgala Department, Catamarca, Argentina. 

A very fine polished, pretty and sweet strand of Rhodochrosite beads with good luster.

Beads Size: 12.4mm to 12.9mm

Number of Beads: 16

Weight: 310 carats


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